Is Laser Hair Removal effective?

Is Laser hair removal better than other treatments is a question that Southend Laser have to answer regularly. As a laser hair removal patient you know there’s isn’t enough praise that can be given with how much of an amazing investment you’ll be giving yourself. Thinking about all that money being wasted on razors, their cartridges and don’t forget to throw in the amount spent on shaving cream it gets put to waste.

Adding everything that is needed truly can become a costly monthly expense. When switching from shaving to waxing I felt it would be a great idea to allow the hair to grow back thinner but every month I’d have to go back again spending £50+ to continue this process over and over again…then once I decided to try Laser Hair Removal it was such a great experience that haven’t gone back to anything else.


A Better Alternative to Shaving

There are many reasons laser hair removal blows shaving, waxing, IPL and electrolysis out of the water and after comparing the different options, you will see why laser hair removal is so popular and effective not only for us regular folks but even the most popular celebrities who rave about their gorgeous and smooth results.

Is laser hair removal the best treatment?


This form of permanent hair removal has been around for quite some time and although its popularity, many find the cost to be much more expensive than they would receiving laser hair removal. Targeting the hair follicles a epilator device will be placed into the skin releasing radio frequency type short waves which is not only versatile as it can be used all over the body but can also be used to treat eyebrows. Although permanent, many sessions are needed in a close span of time.


Intense Pulse Light is a procedure for hair removal creating a wide spectrum of various light wavelengths that effectively remove hair. Not all wavelengths are able to successfully remove hair even while in the required active stage for removal. In order to achieve temporary hairless skin, IPL treatments typical take around 10-15 sessions to really see results. This process of hair removal works best for those with light to medium skin and dark hair. Although IPL sessions may be a slightly more affordable option, it’s not a permanent option but will require more sessions and could not be used on those with dark skin or blonde / red hair.


If you are a tolerant to pain then this option may not seem as bad but when adding up the cost you are actually paying for someone to rip hair off monthly. As you can imagine the money being spent and wasted can add up greatly as it’s not only a temporary option but you will continue to always have to wax for years to come.

With hot and cold waxes that work for different parts of the body as the wax is applied to the client’s skin as the therapist holds the skin taunt, she then presses a piece of cloth grasping the hair pulling back quickly removing the hair. Those with lighter complexions may find they have a better chance of getting a slight bruise and redness.

Laser Hair Removal

Those tired of those frequent ingrown hairs and razor burns find that Laser hair removal can do just the trick especially as a long term solution. With 6-12 sessions depending on the type of skin, hair and location during a 6-8 week period in between appointments clients have found after each session their hair comes back thinner and lighter until your area is completely hairless.

Everyone regardless of their hair colour and those with various skin colours throughout the Fitzpatrick Scale can receive great results with the exception of those with white hair. Versatile, laser hair removal targets the hair follicles damaging them with mild radiation through high heat lasers disabling hair growth. Multiple treatments are needed to achieve the desired results with 95% permanency of the targeted area within six months of treatment with an occasional touch up once or twice a year.

With the various hair removal options that are readily available, the winner in popularity overall is laser hair removal. This quick and simple procedure when performed for men and women, by experienced professionals, Southend Laser provide clients with minimal discomfort, and precision without leaving patchy, missed spots. Why worry about shaving your legs, bikini, chin and lip etc, and make a smart investment in your appearance ridding yourself of pesky ingrowns and painful razor burn? With the highly recommended and trusted Primelase laser hair removal brand, you know you’ll be left with beautifully smooth skin in no time!