How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

How does laser hair removal work is a question asked by either those interested in Diode Laser Technology, or those thinking about moving away from waxing, shaving or IPL.

An example of a proven and established result driven laser is the Primelase laser hair removal machine, used by Southend Laser, Primelase is designed to offer clinically proven results while maintaining maximum patient safety & comfort.


What Type of Skin Type and Hair Colour Can be Treated?

The Primelase multi-disciplinary, clinically proven platform, is designed to work for all skin and hair types. Standard IPL models for instance, treat only lighter skin with darker hair and therefore not everyone is suitable. Also, some darker skin types have too much melanin to treat safely by IPL and you cannot be treated you if your skin is tanned.

The Primelase laser hair removal dual wavelength technology allows all skin types to have laser hair removal including Asian, White and Black. Those with more ginger, red, grey and blonde hair can also now be treated at places such as Southend Laser, which is a dramatic change in fortunes for those who felt restricted by IPL.
Why Primelase Laser Hair Removal?

Companies such as Southend Laser use Primelase due to its high powered medical grade diode laser which delivers a specific wavelength (810nm) of high energy laser light to the skin. The laser selectively heats up the melanin and destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.

The dark pigment of the hair absorbs the heat from the laser much faster than the lighter skin and conducts the heat to the base of the follicle. This heat cuts off the blood flow to the follicle and destroys the hair growth without damaging any other tissue. The integrated crystal freeze system ensures the skins surface is kept cool and protected at all times.